Holding Hands


Therapy services are currently being provided via telehealth platform to those who reside in the state of California.

Adolescent Therapy

I have over 11+ years experience working with adolescents and youth.  I meet them where they are at and explore their current challenges in a developmentally appropriate way.  With my adolescent clients I explore issues related to self esteem, bullying, stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, identity issues, family conflict and grief & loss.

Couples Therapy

I have 5+ years experience working with couples to overcome issues related to communication, sex & intimacy, parenting, infidelity and more.  I help couples to see their strengths and identify goals for a new and healthier relationship.  I do not provide couples therapy to couples experiencing domestic violence.

Adult Therapy

I have over 10+ years experience working with individual adults. I help adult patients explore their current challenges with family, work, relationships, intimacy, trauma and grief  loss.  I help patients to recognize patterns of behavior and relating that no longer serve them and help them to develop stronger coping skills.

Family Therapy

I have 5+ years experience working with families to overcome difficulties related to divorce, transition, dysfunctional communication and inter-generational trauma.  I help families gain skills they need to be able to better relate and connect with one another.