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Illuminating Grief: An On Demand Webinar

Illuminating Grief: An On Demand Webinar

In this webinar we will explore societal and personal attitudes towards death, dying, grief and loss as a means of uncovering participant self-awareness and insight.  We will learn about the research that has been done about grief and the various types of grief that exist in order to better understand our own grief process.  In doing this exploration, we will provide families with tools they can continue to use to engage in difficult but crucial conversations around this important, and often taboo topic.


Learning Objectives:

  • To increase self awareness of personal attitudes toward death, dying, grief and loss

  • To learn more about grief theory and the various types of grief

  • To gain better insight into participants own personal grief process

  • To be better equipped to have difficult conversations around death, dying, grief, and loss in family situations


What others are saying...

You're a gift to this world and to the field! I thought the interweaves of personal reflection were genius. So much accomplished in an hour. Thank you for all you do.
I indeed learned extremely new information which is crazy considering i went through 9 months of grief counseling for the recent death of my father. I had never heard the different types of grief processes before it really help me explore more of whats going on for me and where my process lies.
I like how in a short amount of time I felt I left with new knowledge.
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