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Mental Health Support for Entertainment



Together we can do big things.

Whether you are looking to receive some counseling, looking for innovative ways to support your cast or crew, book an informational presentation or workshop - We got you!   Be sure to check out the resources, links, and FAQs pages for more information on the vital services we offer.

We are a small start-up, founded in 2020.  We partner with entertainment industry workers, production companies, studios, and mental health professionals to provide an array of holistic, person-centered, trauma-informed services to support individuals, groups, and communities and create lasting systemic change.

Our mission is to:

  • decrease mental health stigma in the entertainment industry

  • increase access to mental health support for entertainment workers

  • build bridges to better wellness for creatives so that they can live more fulfilling lives and achieve essential work-life balance

  • educate industry leaders on trauma & resilience and the importance of mental well-being while providing realistic solutions to current challenges



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Our Services

We offer a range of consulting, counseling, education and coaching services for individuals, groups, agencies, film sets, productions, and studios.  The information here outlines our services, which we can tailor to your unique needs.  If you don't see a service listed, contact us to discuss what other services may be helpful.

NOTE: Services can be delivered virtually or in-person at a residence, agency, or place of business.

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Wellbeing Facilitation

The role of a Wellbeing Facilitator has been in use in the United Kindgom for several years and is slowly making it's way to film sets, stages and productions in the United States.  The purpose of a Wellbeing Facilitator is to promote well-being and strong mental health amongst your cast and crew.  The extent of support provided by a Wellbeing Facilitator depends on your needs but can include risk assessments, ongoing groups, presentations, and a plan for providing individual support.  This position is still being developed and is being informed by PhD research.

Group Discussion

Meet Our Team

Where the Passion Begins

Our partners and collaborators consist of mental health professionals, actors, coaches, intimacy coordinators, wellness professionals, and educators.  All team members are committed to enhancing mental wellbeing in entertainment and are devoted to trauma-informed principles.


Tyee Tilghman

Writer, Actor, Producer, Teacher

"Art is what saved me from going down a very dangerous path.  It became an outlet for me to deal with my childhood trauma."


Sara Sincell, LMFT


"Our stories connect us to one another... sharing them is not just fun or entertaining, but in fact vital to our survival and well-being."

Sara Sincell-116.jpg

Nina Domigue-Glover

Writer, Actor, Intimacy Director

"The idea that we are alone, hurts us.  I need people to know they are not alone.
That's why I do this."


Bryan Staggers

Actor and Teacher

"There is no shame in needing to process what it means to be a human being."


Jillian Luz, LMFT ATR

Art Therapist

"As an Art Therapy Group Facilitator, I am passionate about implementing the power of art-making to support self-expression and healing."

Bio pic.jpg

Shout Outs

"I always feel so much better after our sessions. I feel like you are a washing machine for my soul."

"You were so knowledgeable and easy going which made learning interesting. Thank you for working with our lifestyles to help us succeed."

Individual Counseling Client

Former Student

"I appreciate the care you take to take at the beginning of each group to establish a safe place for us to process."

"This workshop was the best part of my day!  I am so grateful for all the tools you gave us to enhance our self-care and wellbeing."

Process Group Participant

Workshop Participant


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