A wide range of counseling and consulting services are available for individuals, couples, agencies, film sets, productions, and studios.  The information here outlines our services, which we can tailor to your unique needs.  If you don't see a service listed, contact us to discuss what other services may be helpful.

NOTE: Services can be delivered virtually or in-person at a residence, agency, or place of business.

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Individual Counseling

Shaina has over 10+ years of experience working with seniors, adults, and adolescents. She has extensive experience helping clients explore their current challenges with family, work, relationships, intimacy, trauma, and grief and loss.  Shaina can help you recognize patterns of behavior and relating that no longer serve you and help you to develop stronger coping skills and communication strategies.

Couples Counseling

Shaina has 5+ years of experience working with couples to overcome issues related to communication, sex & intimacy, parenting, infidelity, and more.  She helps couples to see their strengths and identify goals for a new and healthier relationship.  I do not provide couples therapy to couples experiencing domestic violence.

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Support Group

Process Groups

Shaina has 10+ years of experience facilitating groups for mental health, life skills, grief & loss as well as process groups for staff engaged in difficult or traumatic work.

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Clinical Supervision

Shaina has  7+ years of experience of adjunct teaching experience as well as experience providing clinical supervision to interns and associate clinical social workers.  She is  passionate about empowering future social work practitioners and leaders.

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Workshops and Presentations

We design and facilitate unique, interactive, and personalized workshops for your agency or organization.  Topics include stress, anxiety, burnout, employee engagement, self-care, mental health, crisis intervention, and trauma.

Creative Arts Consultation

We assist crews, freelancers, writers, producers, and set personnel work through interpersonal issues that may be affecting their work quality and quantity.  We also provide production teams with consultation and support regarding difficult themes related to suicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, racial trauma, and more!

First Aid

Integrated Behavioral Health and Trauma Informed Care Consultation

With experience providing leadership and direct services in integrated care settings, we can offer support, coaching, and guidance on how to start or improve your integrated care setup.  She can also assist you whether you are just beginning to learn about trauma-informed care or are interested in implementing trauma-informed change in your agency.

Acting Coaching

Our team consists of actors who have been refining their craft for decades.  They have experience providing coaching and teaching acting courses and can help you meet your individual goals.


I always feel so much better after our sessions. 

I feel like you are a washing machine for my soul.

Individual Counseling Client

I appreciate the care you take to take at the beginning of each group to establish a safe place for us to process.

Process Group Participant

This was the best part of my day!  I am so grateful for all the tools you gave us to enhance our self-care and well-being.

Workshop Participant

Shaina was so knowledgeable in an easy going way making learning interesting. She was very caring and worked with students lifestyles to help us succeed.

MSW Student