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We offer a range of consulting, counseling, education and coaching services for individuals, groups, agencies, film sets, productions, and studios.  The information here outlines our services, which we can tailor to your unique needs.  If you don't see a service listed, contact us to discuss what other services may be helpful.

NOTE: Services can be delivered virtually or in-person at a residence, agency, or place of business.

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Wellbeing Facilitation

The role of a Wellbeing Facilitator has been in use in the United Kindgom for several years and is slowly making it's way to film sets, stages and productions in the United States.  The purpose of a Wellbeing Facilitator is to promote well-being and strong mental health amongst your cast and crew.  The extent of support provided by a Wellbeing Facilitator depends on your needs but can include risk assessments, ongoing groups, presentations, and a plan for providing individual support.  This role is still in the process of being developed and is currently being informed by PhD level research.

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